Traditional Conservatories

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Traditional / Lean-to Conservatories from Direct Conservatories 4U

Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory

What Is A Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory?

A Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory is otherwise known as a Sun Lounge Conservatory.

How Practical Is A Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory?

A lean-to DIY conservatory is thoroughly practical as it makes the most possible use of your available space, not surprisingly sun lounge and lean-to conservatories are one of our most popular styles.

The lean-to self-build conservatory style is very popular for cottages or bungalows as a sun lounge conservatory fits well with properties with low eaves.

How Cost effective Is A Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory?

The good news is that lean-to DIY conservatories are very cost effective, a sun lounge conservatory from Direct Conservatories 4u provides maximum floor area from a usually cheaper outlay.

Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory roofs

All of the lean-to conservatory roofs are manufactured in complete aluminium, combining both strength and ease of installation with PVCU cladding.

Most requirements for lean-to conservatory roof covering is polycarbonate. All our sun lounge conservatory roofs can utilise both 25mm and 35mm available in clear, opal, bronze and bronze on opal.

We have Glass lean-to conservatory roof styles available in clear ‘Energy Saving’ glass or bronze tinted ‘Energy Saving’ glass. All our glass sun lounge or lean-to conservatory roof styles use double glazed safety glass.

Can You Easily Upgrade A Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory To Have A Glass Roof?

Yes, another advantage of the sun lounge or lean-to conservatory is that, because of its simply designed roof, upgrading the sun lounge conservatory to have a glass roof is relatively cheap.

Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory Options

All of the P-shape conservatory range include 2 Top Opening Vents and a pair of French Doors as standard. Additional Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory openers and Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory extras are available to order. Please see the Conservatory Extras price list for more information.

Why Buy Your Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory Direct?

A lean-to conservatory from Direct Conservatories 4U will save you thousands of pounds, not only that but each sun lounge conservatory has been specifically designed for ease of installation.

What Are The Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory Range Styles?

Our lean-to or sun lounge conservatory range is available in the following styles; Dwarf Wall, Infill Panel and Glass To Ground styles.

How easy is it to purchase a Traditional / Lean-to Conservatory that is right for me?

Direct Conservatories make selecting and purchasing ideal lean to self-build conservatories as simple as possible. See below for a full list of lean to cheap conservatory styles and prices with easy to follow purchase instructions, cheap conservatories from DC4U really are that simple.

Traditional / Lean-to Conservatories are available in:
White PVCu - Dwarf Wall, Infill Panel, Glass To Ground;
Woodgrain PVCu - Dwarf Wall, Infill Panel, Glass To Ground;

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